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Bailey’s Quarterly News


4th Quarter 2012

Volume 1; Issue 4

INSIDE THIS ISSUElab_from_newsletter.jpg
1 Passing The Baton
2 Paul Bailey, DVM
3 1st K-9 Blood Drive
4 Did You Know…?
5 Check Us Out
6 Holidays Are Coming
7 Community Service
8 Rabies Is A Viral Disease

Dr. Barry Downie, Partner
Dr. Blair Bailey, Partner
Dr. Craig Downie, Partner
Karie Wentz, Prac. Mgr.

Monday – Friday
8 am – 5:30 pm
9 am – 4pm
Sunday- Closed
24 Hour Service

Passing the Baton

Dr_Mike.JPGWouldn’t you agree time is passing quickly? We do, and it’s most certainly evident in the changes that are taking place here at Bailey’s.  Dr. Mike Martin is retiring, and for many at Bailey Veterinary Clinic these last 17 years that he has been here have flown by.

Dr. Mike received his DVM from UC Davis.  He and his wife, Judy, moved from there to join the Bailey staff as an associate veterinarian in July 1995.  In 2002 Dr. Mike became a partner and began serving with Dr. Blair and Dr. Craig bringing a new dynamic to our leadership team.  These three men together have continued to lead our team of highly qualified individuals providing excellent service for the good of our clients, their pets and our staff.  

We are excited for Dr. Mike and his wife to begin their new season of life together.  Even with our excitement for him we will be sad to say good-bye – sooo, here’s some good news – even though Dr. Mike is retiring he will fill in on an as needed basis. It’s the best of both worlds for Dr. Mike and Bailey Veterinary Clinic.

Here’s just a little trivia about Mike, the man.  First and foremost, he is in love with his wife, Judy.  Tucker, his dog, is his second best friend (although a little neurotic) and if you have 10 hours he might, but probably not, be able to tell you about his 3 grandkids.  Mike is an avid reader and enjoys horseback riding with Judy.  This summer he took up swimming in the North Umpqua River with Tucker running along the bank.

In October Dr. Mike will be relinquishing his duties as a partner and passing them off to Dr. Barry Downie.  Dr. Barry graduated from Oregon State University in June 2008 and joined Bailey’s that same summer as an associate veterinarian.  He is the son of Dr. Craig Downie and has been involved with the Clinic since he was a young boy from volunteer work with the receptionist staff, to employment on the kennel crew and as a technician.  He is passionate about his calling as a veterinarian, well-liked by our clients, and is looking forward to being an effective partner in such a diverse veterinary environment.  Dr. Barry is married to Sara and has 2 children, Cade, 3 years old and McKinley is 10 months.

Please join us in the next few weeks to say good-bye to Dr. Mike and welcome Dr. Barry as our new partner.  

Paul Bailey, DVM – Coming Soon

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Paul Bailey will be joining our staff on December 1st.  He grew up in Douglas County, attended our local schools, and worked on his folks sheep ranch.  We were first introduced to Dr. Paul a “few” years ago when he was hired to work on our Kennel Crew.  He graduated from OSU Veterinary School in 2008 and has worked in Anchorage, Alaska the last 4 years.   Dr. Paul and his wife, Laura, also a veterinarian, have an 11 month old daughter, Grace.  Oh, FYI – Dr. Paul is not related to Dr. Blair.  Welcome Home Dr. Paul!

1st k-9 Blood Drive

Luna_Shearer.jpgIt started with a dream of Sara’s, one of our technicians, and came to fruition.  The question was asked, research was done, supplies were purchased, a date was set, staff was prepared, media was informed, clients responded, dogs happily gave and, as they say, the rest is history.  Douglas County veterinarians now have blood and plasma readily available for their canine patients’ blood transfusion needs.  Our first K-9 Blood Drive was a huge success thanks to Sara, all of the Bailey Veterinary Clinic staff, our community and especially our canine donors. We continually encourage our staff to think outside the box and always welcome our client’s suggestions and continued support.

Did You Know…?

. . . we offer discounts on vaccinations when your pet has an exam!  This is a great way to encourage our clients to get that annual exam for their household pets.  Sometimes our “friends” can have symptoms that are unknown to their owners or new products become available making the exam time a perfect opportunity to educate our clients. 

. . . our feline companions are liking our topical deworming medication, Profender.  No more forcing pills down the throat, trying to hide them in food or begging others to help hold the “little tiger”.  It’s as simple as rubbing their backs with a little love and applying the all-around deworming medication on the back of their head and neck.

. . . flea season isn’t over yet. In fact, flea season is never over in Douglas County.  Because our weather is relatively mild these pests are always around.  Ask our receptionists about the different products available and the importance of treating the environment.

Check Us Out!

Our newly revised website is now up and running!  It’s easy to maneuver with more informative articles, staff members, pet portals and much more. You can find us on the web, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, on Garden Valley Boulevard in Roseburg.  Come and check us out at www.baileyvet.com

The Holidays Are Fast Approaching

Started planning your thanksgiving feast? Creating your Christmas list yet or already began shopping?  Seems crazy to even think about it but we are just weeks away.  In the busyness of our lives, we can forget about the things that can make a difference in the bellies of our pets.  With the holidays come candies, cookies, tinsel, wrapping paper and a whole host of no-no’s.  Dogs and cats will always do better when we are careful to feed them THEIR food and treats, and keep our goodies and fun looking “toys” away from their reach. 

Community Service

Bailey Veterinary Clinic has been serving our clients, their pets and livestock for 61 years.  Not only have we cared for these animals but we are also involved in serving our Community by treating 2, and soon to be 3, canines working with our local city police.  These 2 K-9’s have had extensive training in how to pursue the alleged guilty and protect our alleged innocent citizens.  Our 3rd K-9 will be here this October.  He will be introduced to his new family, get acquainted and start his drug detection training just after Thanksgiving.  Sometime in late December or early January the City Police Dept will add this new member to their K-9 Protective Squad.  Bailey Veterinary Clinic is proud to provide wellness, preventive and medical care for our courageous and well-trained “K-9 police officers”.

Rabies is a Viral Disease

newsletter_cat.jpgBailey Veterinary Clinic is all about doing the best we can for the pets we treat, keeping our clients informed and help protect our employees as much as possible.  One of the ways we can accomplish this is to think more seriously about rabies vaccinations and what can be done to improve the status quo.  We believe the best way to do this is to inform our clients and community as to the value of vaccinating our pets.

A recent article from the Register Guard newspaper reported that 13 animals have tested positive for rabies this year in Oregon.  One was a fox and 12 were bats;   one  in Lane County.  Bats typically are out at dusk and during the night.  If you find one engaged in odd behavior – moving slowly or not flying, being active in the middle of the day or finding one where it wouldn’t normally be found -please call our local Animal Control to find out how to handle them. Cats are particularly interested in bats, which is another good reason to vaccinate your feline friends.

Oregon is not the only state where rabies has been reported this year.  The article also stated that in Arizona a man killed a rabid mountain lion; a Maryland woman was kicked by a rabid deer; in Virginia a rabid beaver chased children and attacked a 83 year old woman; and in Pennsylvania, a woman was attacked in her backyard by a rabid skunk.

There’s another factor we’d like to remind our clients of.  When a client brings in their pet for treatment and if the pet bites the owner or a staff member we are required by
law to report the bite to the DC Animal Control and then quarantine the pet at the owner’s expense.  When one considers the cost to vaccinate verses the potential expense to quarantine and medical treatment for you or our staff, we believe this is the best option for you, your pets and our staff.

Also, we can be unaware of the physical, mental and emotional side effects an individual experiences if bitten and  required to be treated for possible rabies. These treatments are long, painful and the toll it takes on the individual can be life altering. One person at risk is too many, call today for an appointment or just stop by to vaccinate your animal.

We hope this information encourages you to vaccinate your pets – dogs, cats, horses and ferrets – at 16 weeks of age, 1 year later, then every 3 years.  To help facilitate this action we are running a 60 day special beginning December 2012 – January  2013. 

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